The mission of the San Diego County Archaeological Society is to promote public understanding and appreciation of archaeology in general, and to encourage the preservation of the cultural resources of San Diego County.

The San Diego County Archaeological Society is a nonprofit scientific and educational corporation dedicated to the study and preservation of the archaeological and anthropological heritage of San Diego County and contiguous areas.

Membership in this Society is open to all individuals in accord with the following purposes:

1. To encourage an interest in and an understanding of archaeology, anthropology and related subjects, as they pertain to California in general and to San Diego County in particular.

2. To conduct archaeological excavations, site surveys, and field studies under qualified direction, and to publish and distribute data obtained from such research.

3. To encourage preservation of the historic and prehistoric archaeological heritage of San Diego County, and adjacent and related regions.

4. To promote cooperation and interaction between professional and vocational archaeologists and with other archaeological societies.

5. To carry out any other activities reasonably related to the above enumerated purposes so long as no substantial portion of the activities includes the distribution of political propaganda or otherwise attempting to influence the legislation. The Society shall not participate in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office.